Heat Blew HUGE Opportunity in Game 1

The Miami Heat lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder 105-94 last night.  While the Heat are not exactly favored in this series, that loss may come back to haunt them for one reason.

They blew an opportunity of a lifetime.

Miami led the entire first half.  It led by seven at halftime.  In fact, the Heat led by as much as 13 points.  The Heat looked as though they were going to win easily over a Thunder team who obviously were nervous and overwhelmed at the notion of being in the Finals.

Then the second half happened.  OKC regained its confidence, turned up the heat, and beat the Heat at their own game.

Ball game.

Now the question is what will the Heat do next?

The Heat played well in the first half, then had to watch it slip away in the second half.  What more could they do against the Thunder?

Not a lot if LeBron James continues to carry the load.  Not a lot if Dwyane Wade continues to struggle.  Not a lot if coach Erik Spoelstra keeps getting out-coached.  Not a lot if the Heat do not get more out of its role players.

If the Heat won Game 1, then I would have given the Heat a chance to win it in six.  I wouldn’t have flip-flopped on my Thunder pick, but I would have given Miami a chance to win.

Not now.  I’d be shocked if this series goes past five games.

Thunder Up!

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  1. I dont think I necessarily agreed completely with your assessment of the game. D-wade still put up his 20, bosh got his. And lebron still came away with 30 something. Problem I see is the heat has no bench. The thunder has a superstar and a supporting cast. O think that the heat will find a way to stretch it to 7, but al fall short.. I do agree with your coaching comment. I do think spoelstra got out coached. I think the heats biggest problem is too many egos.

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