Hey Florida State, SHADDUP!

Florida State has been rumored to leave the Atlantic Coast Conference for the Big 12, and things have really heated up the last few days.

FSU’s chairman of the Board of Trustees poured gasoline on the flame when he opened up his yap over the ACC’s new contract with ESPN.  Head football coach Jimbo Fisher didn’t help put out the flames with his initial comments in saying that FSU needed to do what was in its best interest.

Look, having grown up in ACC country I know that the ACC is more of a basketball league than a football league.  I have written MANY times (check the archives) that the ACC had a chance to be a good football league, only to let me down time and time again.

I also know that the ACC did the best it could given the fact that it is frankly a JV-level football conference.  The ACC knew it was at a disadvantage when it renegotiated its contract with ESPN.  We all knew it and more importantly, ESPN knew it.

And I pin the cause of the ACC’s diminished cachet as a football conference on one thing: Florida State (and to an extent, Miami).

Let’s be real about one thing, FSU is not that good anymore.  I could mention the fact that it hasn’t won the ACC since 2005, but let me point out other more important FSU fallacies:

  • FSU has lost four out of its last six games to Wake Forest – WAKE FOREST!
  • FSU lost six out of its last nine games to Clemson.
  • Since 2005, FSU has lost AT LEAST four games per season.

The ACC brought in FSU (and Miami) to enhance its football profile.  If anything, FSU (and Miami) has made it worse.  So instead of clowning the ACC, the FSU brass should look in the mirror and say the following:

“We’re not good enough, we’re not cool enough.  And got-dammit, people know we suck…”

So, FSU can go crying to the Big 12 if it is about the $$$ (and it obviously is).  FSU can also run to the Big 12 if it makes them feel as important as U. of Florida.

All of this could have avoided if the Florida State Seminoles did what it was supposed to do the last few seasons – WIN MORE GAMES…

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