2012 NBA Playoff Preview: Eastern Conference Semifinals

Due to the the Western Conference having two Game 7s to be played out (Grizzlies-Clippers tomorrow afternoon and Nuggets-Lakers tonight), I’m going to focus on the Eastern Conference semifinals today.  My Western Conference semifinal preview will be tomorrow night.

So, without further ado…

Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers

Analysis:  A lot of folks think this will be a short series.  I mean, how can the Pacers match up with Miami’s “Big Three (really Two)” right?  Well, I think this will be more competitive than what people think.  The Pacers are not afraid of the Heat.  Hell the Pacers’ coach called Miami a squad of “floppers”!  Indiana has the heart and toughness to push the Heat.

Indiana has a better frontcourt and will abuse the hell out of Chris Bosh with the likes of Roy Hibbert and David West.  Plus, that Danny Granger fellow is not all that bad.  Still, I think LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are on a mission.  That alone will push Miami over the top.

Prediction: Heat in 6.

Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers

Analysis:  Now THIS has “short series” written all over it.  Boston is head and shoulders better than the Sixers.  Let’s face it, if the Bulls were A LITTLE healthier they would have beaten Philly.  Did you see how Philly eked out wins over a Bulls team that was without Derrick Rose AND Joakim Noah?

Meanwhile the Celtics may be “Team Geritol”, but those old-ass brothers can ball.  Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce are playing at a high level.  There are not many answers to Mr. Triple-Double himself Rajon Rondo (the Sixers sure as hell do not have one).  I wouldn’t be shocked if this series ended in a sweep.

Prediction: Celtics in 5.

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