2012 NFL Draft Busts?

Every year, draft pundits have postulated which teams made out like bandits and which those which left them head scratching.  And even though the NFL completed just the first round of its draft, the draft pundits – as well as fans like me – have an idea of which teams will keep spinning its wheels for a second consecutive year.

I have two teams who fit the latter criteria: Miami and Kansas City.

First of all, the Dolphins selected Texas A&M QB RyanTannehill with the eighth overall pick in the first round last night.  A couple of thoughts here: did any of the Dolphinspersonnel see the game tape on that kid?  Dude’s interception-to-touchdown ratio in college is just too damn high.  Did anyone see that game he had against the Texas Longhorns last season? 

Absolutely horrible.  

I know one thing, if you draft a kid with the eighth pick in the draft he’d better be an impact player – let alone a franchise QB.  I do not think Tannehill is that guy.

The Chiefs made perhaps the biggest head-scratcher with their selection of Dontari Poe.  If you watch this kid on film, his motor was far from consistent – during Conference USA play no less.  In fact, Poe was originally thought to go no higher than late in the first round.  

Then the NFL Combine happened.  Poe was a workout wonder, clocked an excellent time in the 40-yard dash and did rather well in the agility drills.  As I said time and again in the past that is why I think the Combine is more of a hindrance than a help.  NFL personnel men tend to rely more on how a kid does in shorts than his college production on film.

I know one thing: picks like those tend to get personnel men (and sometimes coaches) fired.  Both the Dolphins’ and Chiefs’ personnel groups should be planning to rent instead of buy sooner rather than later.

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  1. Sigh, as a Chiefs fan I agree. We’re basically hoping he can suddenly turn into Ngata or something. At 340 one can only hope he does something. In the last 4-5 years we’ve transitioned to 3-4 and drafted 2 DE’s and a DT in the first round. Neither DE has shown first round talent so far, but hopefully Poe shows some type of potential. I like how we addressed Oline problems though, hopefully Hillis and Charles make a nice tandem.
    Dolphins baffled me taking him at #8, but I feel if you only have 20 games under your belt and scouts actually look at you and say 1st round, maybe he has what it takes, but I didn’t see it from the few A&M games I watches. Getting Lamar Miller in the 4th was a great steal though.

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