Memo to Tebow: Athletes Are NOT Role Models

In a rare – and I do mean rare – instance, I agree with ESPN First Take’s Skip Brainless.

Skip disagreed with Tim Tebow’s notion that athletes should be role models.  Skip flat out didn’t like what Tebow said at all, while supporting his Christian point of view.

Bravo, Skip (as I threw up in my mouth typing that).

The only people who should be role models are PARENTS, not some cats who are great at playing kids’ games for lots of money.  I think back to what Charles Barkley said on that Nike commercial way back when.  People were mad at Sir Charles for speaking the truth, and that’s a sad commentary on our society.

As much as I loved Jerry Rice growing up, I didn’t try to follow his lead in life off the field.  Hell, if anything I knew I would eventually be let down by Rice or other athletes by scandal, issues on the field or the locker room.  After all, athletes are not perfect – and a lot do not give a damn if they are or not.

My dad has been the real role model in my life.  I followed my dad’s example in how to provide by a family, how to be a good father and husband, a law-abiding citizen.  And he is still doing the damn thing 70 years and counting.  By the way, my father wasn’t the only one: favorite uncles, ministers, and big cousins were good role models for me.

Now anyone who follows this blog knows I am a big fan of Tebow.  I respect his willingness to be a role model.  I respect his willingness to call out athletes for not being role models.

I just think he is a bit naive…

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  1. Agreed. Teach your kids that athletes are not role models, because there are so few of them left that go their entire life without screwing up.

  2. OK Mr. Klown, I totally agree with you. I believe that celebrities like actors, musicians and athletes should not be venerated to the extent that they are by our society.

    However I disagree that it isn’t a natural thing that kids look up to athletes as role models. For many kids, they see their parents and other role models who look up to athletes in one way or another.

    But I completely agree – kids (and people in general) should celebrates athletes’ athletic achievements, that’s all. I disagree about being a Tebow fan. 🙂

  3. Klown, you are flat out wrong on this and you most certainly DO view them as role models. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t buy their jerseys to wear while watching the games they play. You may not choose to use the words “role model” but model them you do. They can either model good or bad behavior. I think Tebow is just attempting to encourage athletes to be GOOD role models.

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