Tebow a Better Fit in Miami – not New York

If the New York Jets were not a circus last year, they are going to be the Cirque du Soleil of the NFL this coming season.

The Denver Broncos traded Tim Tebow to the Jets yesterday.  While the Broncos – namely John Elway – were happy to rid themselves of Tebowmania, the Jets have no idea what they are in for.

As I mentioned earlier, the Jets were a circus last year.  Actually they were worse than a circus – they were a MESS.  Now the Jets are going to place a green dude like Tebow in that locker room?  Are you kidding me?

First of all, the last thing incumbent QB Mark Sanchez needs is a fan favorite as a backup.  Tebowmania is going to be much bigger in the NYC than in Denver.  No disrespect to Denver, but there is a reason why NYC is called “the media capital of the world”.

At any rate while I agree that Sanchez has been overly coddled, dude did lead the Jets to the AFC title game his first two seasons.  Sure he took a step back, but I think he will bounce back now that he has time to learn from his mistakes last season.  Sanchez is not mentally strong enough to deal with Tebowmania, especially after a few poor throws.

I think Tebow would have been better served playing in Miami.  From what I understand, the Dolphins really wanted Tebow to play for them.  I know Tebow is from Jacksonville and the Jaguars did make a push for him, but I think that was more from ownership than the front office and coaching staff.

Plus, you mean to tell me Dolphins are set with David Garrard – a dude who didn’t even play last year?  Really?  Tebow would have been starting games by Week 3.

I am on record as being a Tebow fan.  I still think this kid can and will be a productive starting QB in this league.  I think he has the ability to succeed.

I just do not think it will be in New York.

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