Bears’ Trade for Marshall Vaults Them over Lions

I guess the Chicago Bears were really sick and tired of all the hype surrounding the Detroit Lions.

Why else did the Bears make the move to acquire Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall for a couple of 3rd round picks (this year’s and next)?

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the move.  First of all, this reunites Marshall and QB Jay Cutler.  They made beautiful music together when both were in Denver pre-Josh McDaniels (still liking that McDaniels move Broncos fans?).

Plus, and more importantly, it gives the Bears a legit, bonafide #1 receiver they lacked the past few seasons.  I mean, you know it’s bad if your #1 receiver is a kick returner (Devin Hester).

Couple that with RB Matt Forte, and Chicago has the balanced offense they have been sorely lacking.

Meanwhile, you know the defense is loving this move.  I bet Brian Urlacher and co.  are thinking, “no need to worry about holding teams to 13 points anymore”.  Look for the Bears defense to become more aggressive because now it has an offense that could potentially match the Lions and Green Bay Packers point-for-point.

Look, I still am buying into the Lions stock.  It’s just that they – nor other teams – shouldn’t be sleeping on the Bears next season.

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  1. More importantly, they picked up Jason Campbell to back up Cutler when he gets killed again because the Bears can’t seem to fix their offensive line. I think it’s a great move, but you worry about them giving away draft picks when they have some major holes that still need patching. That being said, I would have made this deal in a heartbeat. Three teams out of the NFC North in the playoffs next year?

    • It may well be the case. The Saints are going to regress, and I do not see the Giants nor Cowboys making more noise than Philly in the NFC East.

      The Bears are now the 2nd best team in the NFC North.

  2. So your saying the Bear’s world revolves around the Detroit Lions…The Lions are the high-water mark…? You feel good about potentially being better, well that’s nice. Good luck next year fella. Go. Lions.

    • Hey, if you checked my last year’s NFL preview, you’d notice that I gave the Lions A LOT of love. I just think the Bears were one bonafide #1 receiver away from the playoffs last season.

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