Peyton, Please Retire

Well, it’s official.

The Indianapolis Colts have decided to cut Peyton Manning, ending a Hall of Fame run with the only franchise he’s known for 14 seasons.  Gone is a franchise and civic icon.

Now all Peyton has to do is one thing: walk away.

Look, I understand that Peyton thinks he has a good four years left in the tank.  Hell, Peyton at less than 100% is better than half the QBs in the league (I’m looking at you, Redskins QBs!).

I just think that after four neck surgeries – FOUR! – it’s time for him to walk away while he still has his health.

Peyton is a husband and more importantly a father.  He needs to consider the impact of another injury to his neck will have on his family.  I think he would rather play with his kids with his health intact than do so disabled.

Could you imagine what would happen if some mean cat like James Harrison or Terrell Suggs nails Peyton in the area near his neck?  It’s waaaay too risky.

So Peyton, swallow your pride and walk away from the NFL intact while you still can.  You have more money than you can spend.  You have set yourself up for a nice, lucrative career away from football.

After all, if Father Time could claim Jerry Rice and Steve Young, he would claim Peyton too.

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