Why the NBA Has the Best All-Star Game

Look, we know that most – if not all – of the four major sports’ All-Star games suck.  They are exhibitions that are meant to entertain and solicit oohs and aahs.

That is why the NBA gets it right almost all of the time.

Let’s look at it this way, when you tune in to an average NFL game, what would you expect?  Hitting, big plays, and MORE hitting.  Does the Pro Bowl feature ANY hitting?  That’s what I thought.

Besides, if I wanted to see a lot of scoring with less hitting in football, I’d either watch an Arena League game or play Madden 2012.

If you were to watch an average NHL game, what would you expect?  Hitting, fighting, busted teeth, and MORE hitting and MORE fighting.  Does the NHL’s All-Star game have any of that?  Hell, even EA Sports’ NHL hockey has more hitting than its’ All-Star game.

And finally, if you were to watch an average Major League Baseball game, what would you expect?  Boredom, some juiced up offense, good pitching here and there.  Well, at least MLB’s All Star game has the boredom part locked down.

At least we get what we expect watching the NBA’s All Star game.  Lot’s of entertaining, highlight reel dunks with some fancy behind-the-back passes along the way.  Basketball is all of those things as is.  If you tuned into ESPN’s Top 10 Plays every night, you’d notice that most of them are from NBA games.

The NBA has a good thing going, and has done so the last two-plus decades.  Just don’t do anything stupid like using it to determine home-court advantage in the Finals (I’m looking at you, MLB…).

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