Todd Haley Should Be the Adult in Pittsburgh

There has been a lot made over the Todd Haley-Ben Roethlisberger brouhaha in the Steel City.

Haley, the new offensive coordinator, has yet to meet with Roethlisberger, the star QB.  Or vice-versa.  Either way, it’s a story that’s starting to run amok in the NFL landscape.

Here’s the deal.  While both of these guys need to be adults and pick up the damn phone, I think most of this falls on Haley.

After all, Big Ben has won two out of three Super Bowls – winning one of those against Haley (while he was an assistant in Arizona).  He is a top-five QB, and he is entering his prime.  His play and success (four AFC North division titles, three AFC titles, and the two aforementioned Super Bowl titles) speak for themselves.

And let’s be real about something: it’s not like Haley has had a lot recent success.  Haley was canned in Kansas city last season after opening the season with a 5-8 record.  His record as Chiefs head coach was 19-26.

Simply put, Haley has no business playing “high post” under ANY circumstances.

Look, I’m confident that these two grown-ass men will start ACTING LIKE grown-ass men and talk sometime before mini-camp.  I just think the new guy should know his role and pick up the damn phone.

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  1. Things are not looking so rosy in Pittsburgh this offseason. If Tomlin is not careful, Haley may be his replacement.

  2. Dear Skippy White,

    that is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard.

  3. Agreed. The protocol for a new employee is to make the rounds and introduce himself. Most business organizations work this way. It doesn’t matter who has championships or Super Bowls. Haley should send a voice or email to the effect of, “Hey. I’m looking forward to working with you. Hugh Jackson, the ex Raiders head coach, was just hired by the Bengals. It’s up to him to contact other coaches and players. The new kid in town initiates dialogue.

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