This Just in: the Pro Bowl Sucks

Wow, talk about an exciting all-star game.  It was so exciting, I didn’t even bother to tune into the game.

Let’s face it folks, the Pro Bowl sucks.

The fans know it.  The players know it (which is why some guys do not bother making the trip).  And most importantly, the commissioner knows  it.

NFL Commissioner/Warden/Playa-Hater Roger Goodell thought that fan interest would increase by allowing players to tweet DURING the game.  He figured that fans would tune in just for the ability to communicate with players or at the very least, see what was on the players’ minds.

Here’s the deal.  The only way the NFL will improve the Pro Bowl (the product and the interest in it) is to do one of the following:

  • Allowing blitzing.  Wouldn’t fans want to see how the best pass rushers would fare against the best offensive linemen?
  • Have huge payouts for the winning team.  I know the players who do participate get bonuses, but what if players on the winning team got an extra $1 million for their troubles?
  • A more radical solution: the winning conference’s teams get an extra draft pick per round.  A little – ok, VERY – extreme, but who wouldn’t want extra draft picks?  Could you imagine the Colts getting an extra first round draft pick?

I admit that none of those recommendation (especially the third one) may not materialize but dammit, someone had to do something.  What better way to do so than in a blog where most would not even bother to take seriously (oops)?

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  1. OK, Klownboy – let’s think this through.

    If blitzing were allowed and you were the Steelers’ head coach, would you let Big Ben go to Hawaii to risk getting a career threatening mollywhop? In an exhibition game?

    I didn’t think so.

    As you’ve discussed many times, football players don’t have guaranteed contracts. Not only that, but lineman are the so called “non skill” players who tend to be lower on the pay scale and easier to replace than the QB’s, WR’s, DB’s and RB’s.

    Asking them to get in the trenches and smash each other with cut blocks, etc., is unrealistic. None of the All Star Games have tough defense; why should football be any different?

  2. 1. Get rid of the game
    2. Replace it with something like the NBA All-Star Festival weekend:
    3. Doesn’t everyone want to know who the NFL’s fastest man really is? Have every team send a guy..let them run time trials down at the Superbowl venue and then take the fastest 8 in an elimination round…OK..that’s 1 hour of TV time.
    4. Punt Pass and Kick..I wouldn’t mind seeing who the most well-rounded NFL player is…name the award the George Blanda award and give the player a sweet trophy for it…again have each team send one player to the Superbowl venue…alas..another hour of TV time gone.
    5. Well Hell..since most teams will be done playing football for around a month by this time anyways why not have them play a 28 team 7v7 flag football tournament that goes on the entire two weeks prior to the Superbowl…make the games short(15 minutes) and give the winning team some serious bling(a million dollars for each of the winners..your idea not mine Scott)…and there goes the last hour of the Tournament the ProBowl tournament??

  3. Hey fellas, check out what ESPN’s Scoop Jackson wrote about fixing the Pro Bowl.


  4. I completely disagree with ya!! I think it’s arguable the most fun game all season to watch:

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