Peyton Will not Be a Colt

Easy one to figure out right?

I mean, not only Peyton Manning is coming off a few neck surgeries that he is STILL not 100% on, but the Indianapolis Colts practically fired his entire support system.  Gone are the Polians (vice president Bill and general manager Chris), and the head coach in addition to the coaching staff.

Oh, and there is this $28 million bonus that is due to Manning in March.

So while we all know that Peyton will be an ex-Colt, what’s next for him?  Where will he go?

A lot of people are postulating that teams such as the Jets, Redskins, 49ers and Cardinals are interested in his services.  Hell, a lot of people are jumping on the “Peyton to the Cardinals” bandwagon.

I personally think that Peyton will retire.  Reports say that dude is not close to being on the way back.  He has a feeling that the Colts will not pay him his $28 million and cut him.  I mean, why would Peyton want to start from scratch with a bad team that is rebuilding?  Why would he want to warm the seat for Andrew Luck?  And more importantly, why would a team want a player who is not near 100%, even if he is Peyton Manning?

The 2012 NFL season will be different without Peyton Manning…

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