Best Sports Rants Ever…

I was at a restaurant eating lunch today, and I noticed actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. imitating athletes in their most famous (or infamous) rants.  This had me thinking, just which athlete delivered the best sports rants EVER?

Here are the combatants

1) Terrell Owens (or as Jim Rome calls him “TWO”) crying over the rough treatment of Tony Romo after a playoff loss to the Giants

2) Herm Edwards in his most classic line ever: “you play to win the game! (HELLOOOO!!!)”

3) How about this guy – Mike Gundy, head coach/kook from Oklahoma State?

4) And finally, who could forget Allen Iverson, who gave us the mother of all pressers…

So, I ask you, which of those is the best sports rant of all time?  If you have some others, feel free to mention it…


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2 replies

  1. Jim Mora’s “Playoffs” rant. Without a doubt.

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