A Close Look into the Cincinnati-Xavier Rivalry

I lived in Cincinnati for four years (1999-2003).  While experiencing life as a midwesterner, I came to appreciate the following: Big Ten football, Cincinnati Reds baseball, Ohio State-Michigan, and…


For those who do not know, both those schools are located in the inner city and are separated by a mere three miles and change.  Both schools play in the “Crosstown Shootout” every year before conference play.  That game receives a lot of hype and features intense battles.

In other words, UC-XU is an intense rivalry.  Both teams hate each other to the point that it has gotten ugly the last few seasons.

So it was not a surprise to me that the last game ended in a brawl.

As I person who grew up in North Carolina, I would rank this rivalry up there with Duke-UNC.  I am dead serious.  At least players from Duke and UNC respect each other – even if they do not like each other.

While it’s sad that this brawl happened – and I was even more disappointed with the Xavier players’ responses during the press conference after the game – this is a great rivalry.

I just hope that this brawl doesn’t put an end to it.


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