2011 NFL Week 14 Preview

Game of the Week

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys.  This is an awesome game for prime time.  First place in the NFC East (or “Least” these days), and both teams are coming off of heartbreaking losses.  The Giants played their hearts out in losing to the Packers thanks to a field goal as time expired.  The Cowboys lost because their head coach inexplicably iced HIS OWN KICKER!

At any rate, both coaches are on the hot seat.  The loser will probably be fired by year’s end if his team doesn’t make the playoffs.  That said, I like the Cowboys at home.  The Giants are too banged-up and inconsistent to hang with Dallas in prime time.  Cowboys 21, Giants 17.

Ass-Whuppings of the Week

Steelers over Browns and Ravens over Colts.  Both of those games should be over by halftime.  We are talking about two elite AFC teams playing sorry-ass teams at home.  Take my Steelers for example.  The Brownies are so bad that they have to pray about scoring over 14 points in a game.  Cleveland’s offense is, well, offensive.  Pittsburgh has a playoff berth and a division title to play for while the Browns are playing out a string.  Steelers 30, Browns 10.

As for the Ravens, I’m going to put the Colts on my prayer request list.  Those fools are going to be beat down so bad, even the coroner will have a hard time identifying the Colts.  Look for my man Terrell Suggs to have 5 sacks by halftime and at least 10 for the game.  Ravens 27, Colts 3.

“Who Gives a Damn” Game of the Week

St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks.  Another doozy for ESPN on Monday Night.  Look, I know the NFL sets up the schedule, but for this crapper to be on ESPN is hilarious.  Seeing Mike Tirico and Co trying to hype this up is “must-see TV” in itself.  As for the game, the over and under for this crap-fest should be 20.  First team to 14 wins…

Sunday’s Games

Bengals over Texans
Lions over Vikings
Saints over Titans
Dolphins over Eagles
Jets over Chiefs
Patriots over Redskins
Falcons over Panthers
Buccaneers over Jaguars (if the Bucs lose this game, then Brother Raheem will be fired)
Broncos over Bears (Tebow-mania lives on!!!)
49ers over Cardinals
Packers over Raiders
Chargers over Bills

Last week: 10-5

Year to date: 126-60

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