Woods’ Win Good for Golf in 2011

Tiger Woods won the Chevron World Challenge yesterday by one shot over Zach Johnson.  It was Woods’ first win in over two years.

Make no mistake, this was not only a good start for Tiger, but a great start for golf.

Let’s be honest with something here – golf needs Tiger more than Tiger needs golf.  Ratings for the last few major tournaments have suffered in Tiger’s absence/bad play.  No one wants to tune in to see Rory McIlroy as much as they want to see Tiger.

More viewership = more eyes = more $$$.  If Tiger continues to win or even stay competitive (top 5) going into the final round, golf – and the other golf players – would be eternally grateful.

Period, end of discussion.


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  1. Sean Breslin says:

    You’re absolutely right…this is great for golf. They have a couple of up-and-comers that will be exciting in the coming years, but they need Goliath back.

    1. klownboy says:

      Here’s the deal: while people love the underdogs, there is nothing better than seeing some Goliaths slugging it out. I mean, did anyone pay attention to the UConn-Butler college basketball final last spring?

      I didn’t think so…

  2. DoctorJ says:

    As a golfer, I absolutely agree! The past two years have been boring without Tiger Woods in his traditional red Nike shirt doing a fist pumps in the final round on Sunday. Tiger brings excitement to the game of golf like no other player can!

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