Del Rio Just Wasn’t Good Enough

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio was fired after 8 1/2 seasons this morning, according to sources.

I can’t say that I am surprised.

Under Del Rio, the Jaguars were stuck on mediocrity.  The Jaguars were 69-73 under Del Rio, with a 1-2 post-season record.  The Jags have not made the playoffs since 2007, when they made it as a wild-card team.  They have not won the AFC South during that time as well.

Del Rio did not help himself with dubious coaching decisions.  First, while I understand that former starting QB David Garrard did not set the world on fire, he was at the very least a serviceable QB who did win some games for the Jaguars.  As soon as Del Rio cut Garrard on the week before the season opener, I knew Del Rio would not be long for the job.

Del Rio was never a good in-game coach.  His time management style was constantly under fire this season.  He was also not the best at in-game adjustments.

Last but more importantly, the fan base (if there is one) soured on Del Rio.  While fans became a bit lukewarm during former coach Tom Coughlin’s final years, at least at that time the Jaguars had a following in Jacksonville.  Fans grew disenchanted with Del Rio, and management had to make a change to retain the few fans the Jaguars have.

I agree that Jacksonville had to make a change, but who in the world is going to coach this team and excite its fan base going forward?

Stay tuned…


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  1. JAG says:

    The NFL made a mistake in awarding a franchise to Jacksonville. It’s a college sports town all the way. Look for the LA Jaguars to join the NFC West and the Rams to switch to the AFC South. Then the Jags might do something.

    1. klownboy says:

      Get ready for your LAAAAAAAAAAAAA Jaguars!

      Seriously, I did not know what they were thinking placing a team in J’ville over Baltimore and St. Louis…

  2. I feel sorry for Jacksonville Jaguars fans…..They lost Bryon Leftwich, then David Garrard to a career ending back injury, Jack Del Rion has another abysmal season coaching and is subsequently fired – now Wayne Weaver, the owner is selling the the team to Pakistani-born Shalid Khan. He’s the same guy who tried to buy the St. Louis Rams in 2010. The Jags franchise appears to be in a downward spiral in which it will take years to recover….if ever. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this team end up moving to L.A.

    1. klownboy says:

      Yup. Once again, let’s hear it for the LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Jaguars!!!

  3. Skippy White says:

    I’m surprised Del Rio last THIS long. His ass should have been fired last season.

  4. Teeblerone says:

    The Garrard situation was disappointing, but not at all surprising. Del Rio did the same thing to Mark Brunell when he made the switch to Byron Leftwich, and again to Leftwich when switching to Garrard. It’s no wonder his in-game clock management stinks since he’s caught off guard by the start of each season it seems.

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