2011 NFL Week 12 Preview: the Early Thanksgiving Edition

This is the early-ass Thanksgiving edition, due to the fact that I will be on the road on the way back to New York City for Thanksgiving starting tonight.  This edition will also include the inaugural winning percentages of my week-to-week picks.  I think you all will get a kick out of my aggregate winning percentage up to this point.

At any rate, let’s get it…

Games of the Week

All of the Thanksgiving Day Games.  Finally, a Thanksgiving Day when at least one game matters.  This year is special because ALL of the games matter.  The first game is a divisional matchup not only between the top two teams (Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions), but where an unbeaten (Packers) is rumored to suffer its first loss.  You know that Ford Field will be rocking, and the Lions tend to always put its best foot forward on Thanksgiving – only this time, they are good.  And I am calling my shot: the Lions will hand the Pack its’ first loss!!!  The Pack’s D cannot stop a nosebleed these days, and it will be ripe for the picking.  Lions 30, Packers 27.

The second game has playoff implications.  The Dallas Cowboys are on a roll, partly because this is the soft point in their schedule.  HOWEVAAAA, the Miami Dolphins are not an easy out as of late, winning three in a row.  If the Cowboys win, they will be in the driver’s seat in the NFC East (I do not see the Giants winning this week).  While I have Dallas winning (unfortunately), it will not surprise me if Miami takes this to the wire.  Cowboys 20, Dolphins 16.

And finally, the night game is indeed the game to watch.  It will not be because of the “Harbaugh Bowl”, but this game may be a Super Bowl preview.  Both the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens are physical teams that look to wear teams down and force them into submission.  Look for a lot of chirping between both teams – I can hear T-Sizzle calling the Niners “wannabes”.  However, this is the same Ravens squad who gave up over 300 yards and 24 (should have been 28) points to a rookie QB last week, which is why I think the Niners will win this one on the road – especially if Ray Lewis is unable to play.  49ers 20, Ravens 17.

“Who Gives a Damn” Game of the Week

Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Lambs.  Another NFC West game, another snore-fest.  Sure Seattle scored over 20 points in the last one (the sun shines on a dog’s ass every once in a while), but I’d be stunned if either team scores in the double-digits in this one.

Upset of the Week

Broncos over Chargers.  I promised myself I would not get caught up in “Tebow-mania”, but what the hell.  I find myself believing more and more in Tim Tebow.  Can he complete a forward pass?  Hell no, but dude knows how to win ballgames.  Couple that with San Diego being on the verge of imploding, I think Denver will pull out another head-scratching win.  By the way, I have Tebow completing 11 passes in this game.

Sunday’s Games

Texans over Jaguars
Jets over Bills
Bengals over Browns
Falcons over Vikings
Colts over Panthers (Indy will definitely get its first win here)
Titans over Buccaneers
Raiders over Bears (that Jay Cutler injury sucks big time for the Bears)
Seahawks over Redskins (I do not think Washington will win another game)
Patriots over Eagles
Steelers over Chiefs (go Steelers!!!)

Monday’s Game

Saints over Giants (let the annual late-season Giant swoon begin…)

Last Week: 9-3

Season to date: 105-51 (look it up, bitches…)

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