Good Riddance Frank!


Dodger fans heard the news they’ve been waiting for – Frank McCourt agreed to sell the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Major League Baseball commissioner “Bub” Selig convinced McCourt to sell the team and its media rights to maximize value for the Dodgers and McCourt.  Otherwise the Dodgers and MLB were headed toward a showdown in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware at the end of the month.

So what caused McCourt to agree to sell the team?  I think agreed to it because he is broke, or damn near close to it.  Check out this quote from CBS Sports’ Scott Miller:

“McCourt, cornered from all sides and quickly running out of money, has lost his appetite to fight following two years of lawyers, litigation, obstinance and sheer delusion.”

Either way, it’s a good day for MLB and a better one for Dodger fans.  McCourt and his bumbling ownership will be out of sight and out of mind soon.

Even though Selig forced McCourt to sell, I still fault him for allowing that boob to purchase the Dodgers in the first place.  I mean dude bought the team on credit!  How in the hell was it supposed to work?

Nevertheless, good riddance Frank!  He doesn’t have to go home, but he has to get the hell out of baseball…

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