Lots of Statements Made Yesterday in the NFL

It was “Statement Day” yesterday.

Certain teams wanted to show the rest of the NFL that they are to be taken seriously going forward, and did a hell of a job doing so.  And what better way to start than with this:

My Steelers, not the Patriots, are to be reckoned with in the AFC.  This was not only a win, it was a beat-down.  Don’t be fooled by the final score folks.  Look at the stats: the Steelers out-gained the Patriots 427 yards to 217.  The Pats were only 3 of 10 on third down conversions, while my Steelers were 10 of 16.  The Steelers held the ball for more than 39 minutes.  The Patriots got a TD in the first half thanks to an interception return to the 10-yard line on what was a horrendous throw by Big Ben.  The only reason why the score was close was because the Steelers killed themselves with penalties and that one interception.

The Steelers are now the team to beat in the AFC, and will show that again against those damn Ravens next week.

The Lions are not a flash in the pan.  The funniest thing heading into the weekend was that there were some people (namely Skip “Brainless” from ESPN’s First Take) who picked the Broncos to win.  A lot of those same people started writing off the Lions as a flash in a pan.  After that 45-10 violation, I guess the Lions weren’t such flukes after all.  Let’s face it: the Lions could have made this much worse if they wanted to.

By the way, it was nice to see the Tim Tebow worshipers  quieting the hell down for a change.  He was sacked seven times, lost a fumble, and threw a Pick-6 that was returned 100 yards for a TD.  I’d love to see how Skip Brainless spins Tebow’s performance.  Dumbass (not Tebow)…

Ditto for the Bills.  The Bills hammered the Redskins 23-0 in Toronto yesterday.  People started throwing caution in the wind over the Bills as well after their loss to the Giants two weeks ago.  Well, the Bills answered those “experts” in beating down Washington.  Thanks to my Steelers’ win over the Patriots, the Bills are now in first place in the AFC East.  So much for being a flash in the pan…

The Eagles proved they weren’t done.  Wow.  What better way than to prove that your season is not done yet!  Beating down your arch-rivals in prime time is a best way to do so.  Look, I’m not saying that the Eagles will roar back and run the table.  I’m just saying it’s way too early to throw dirt on Philly.  Looks like Andy Reid knows what the hell he was doing after all…

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