With Theo, Cubs Will Become Winners Sooner Rather than later

Theo Epstein recently joined the Chicago Cubs organization as its new president of baseball operations, bringing in his boys Jed Hoyer and Jason McCleod from the San Diego Padres as general manager and assistant GM respectively.

This should be music to the ears of Cubs fans everywhere.

Epstein is going to do everything he did in Boston: build an efficient and effective farm system, draft better, sign the right free agents (his last year in Boston notwithstanding) and hire the right manager.  Let’s face it, the Cubs recently had its fair share of bad manager hires (Lou Piniella and Don Quade anyone?), over-priced free agents (Alfonso Soriano, come on down!) and questionable front office management (former GM Jim Hendry was a mess).

Now I am not going to sit here and say that Theo will have the Cubs in the World Series next season.  I will say that they will be competitive much sooner rather than later.

The Milwaukee Brewers may not have slugger Prince Fielder next season, and the St. Louis Cardinals may lose Albert Pujols.  Sidebar: what better way to stick it to the Cardinals than to sign Pujols next season?

The Cincinnati Reds are too inconsistent to be taken seriously on a year-to-year basis. In short, the National League Central division is there for the taking.

Look for Theo to work his magic and turn the Cubs into consistent winners.  He has the temperament, the baseball savvy, and confidence to “reverse another curse”.

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  1. I have to stand up for Lou Pinella. He was a very successful manager. Anyone who can guide a team to a World Series Championship while putting up with Marge Schott and her St. Bernard deserves respect.

    • That is indeed true, but ask yourself this question: since Piniella won in spite of Marge Schott and her madness, what in the hell happened in Chicago? Was there something in the water?

  2. Who is Don Quade? You mean Mike? Also, Lou was great.

  3. As a Padres fan I have to call shenanigans on the Hoyer/McLeod issue. I won’t be missing Hoyer (And is shouldn’t matter to Cubs fans since he will be nothing more than Theo’s puppet) but I will be missing McLeod and he will really help develop the club the right way.

    I can’t say I see the Cubs throwing the money needed to lure Pujols away from the Cardinals, but I do think Theo is perfect for the Cubbies. He will give them a shot at owning the division for sure.

    Good article.

    • Thanks!

      You know what, sometimes people (read: executives) tend to bring people with them who they feel comfortable working with. I guess I can see why those people would be considered puppets.

      I think the Cubs will contend sooner rather than later. May not be next year – or the next two years – but Theo will get the job done. At least PTI’s Michael Wilbon hopes so lol…

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