Tebow Was not Terrible, but not Good Either

Scott Cunningham/Getty Press

Sure Tim Tebow led the Denver Broncos to an improbable 18-15 come from behind victory over the Miami Dolphins.

Sure he single-handedly scored the last 15 points in regulation (two TD passes and a two-point conversion run).

Congrats to the young man.  But let’s be honest, the first 55 minutes of the game he stunk up the joint.

Did you see all those overthrows Tebow had where receivers were wide-ass open?  After all, he finished the game completing less than 50% of his passes (he finished 13 of 27 for 161 yards).

He also took way too many sacks.  The Dolphins are so bad defensively, they had no business sacking Tebow seven times.

And speaking of which, let’s be honest about something: Tebow played against the Dolphins.  Only the Dolphins would blow a 15-0 with three minutes and change left in the game.  Only the Dolphins failed to stop Tebow on the game-tying two point conversion when everybody and their mommas knew that Tebow was going to run.

Again, God bless Tebow.  He seems to be a very nice kid, and as I said before I want to see him succeed.

It’s just that Broncos fans should be prepared for more bad than good from Tebow – at least for this year.

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