Harbaugh-Schwartz Spat Was Awesome

Which is the more hilarious shot, this one...

Maybe this is the pugilist in me coming out.

I am one of the few dudes who loved that post-game on-field spat between San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz (“let the Schwartz be with you”).

First of all, I’m surprised this doesn’t happen often.  The NFL coaches are arguably the most competitive coaches in all of sports.  A lot of those guys are intense as hell.

Check out my Pittsburgh Steelers’ coach Omar Epps, errr Mike Tomlin‘s demeanor on the sideline.  Brotha man chest pumps, hoots and hollers, and looks a bit “hood” during games.

Same with Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh.  Dude already looks like he could bench press my house.

And could you image both Tomlin and Harbaugh mixing it up at the end of Steelers-Ravens battles?  That would ratchet that rivalry to the top in ALL of sports.

...or this one?

Feuding coaches are good for the NFL.  Remember the hissy-fit many moons ago between Chuck Noll and Jerry Glanville?  Remember when Jimmy Johnson once threatened to fight Buddy Ryan?  Those were good made-for-TV moments folks!

Homework assignment: Google and YouTube those coaches’ confrontations.

Look, the NFL is the “No Fun League” and it’s good to see coaches mix it up every once in a while.  Neither Harbaugh nor Schwartz has anything to apologize about: except for not throwing down on the field…

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  1. I think these media guys are making a big friggin deal out of nothing with all this suspension talk. This just in: both are grown-ass men!

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