Ranking the Best Conferences in College Football

With all this conference realignment talk, I was inspired to rank all the conferences in the college football this morning.  First, let’s start with what is obviously the best conference in college football: the SEC.

There is a reason why I call the SEC is called “the Beast”.  There is no other conference that has the top two teams in the nation (and no, I do not think Oklahoma is a top-2 team).

LSU played ranked teams at a neutral site (Oregon) and on the road (West Virginia) and spanked them both.  Alabama beat Penn State on the road (though Penn State sucks) and hammered Florida on the road.  The coolest thing is LSU and Alabama have to play each other this year because they are in the SEC West division.

It’s not just LSU and Alabama that make noises on the national scene.  Florida, South Carolina, and Auburn can wreak havoc on Top-25 teams (except for Clemson, eh Auburn?).  There is a reason why the SEC has six ranked teams in the Top 20 – not 25, but 20.

Even the bad teams in the SEC make it interesting.  Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Kentucky, and Tennessee could win some out-of-conference games.  Hell, the way CBS and ESPN hypes the SEC, you think the aforementioned bad teams are world-beaters.

At any rate, the other conferences are battling for second place.  Hell, you’ve got one school from a major conference (Missouri) hoping to get an invite from the SEC.

Speaking of the other conferences, here are the rest of the also-rans conferences from second-best to the worst…

  1. Big 12 (what’s left of it)
  2. B1G (pretty overrated outside of Wisconsin)
  3. ACC
  4. Pac-12 (VERY overrated)
  5. Mountain West
  6. Big East

Time for your rankings folks!

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