2011 NLDS Preview

The 2011 National League Divisional Series is upon us.  It will be hard to top the Atlanta Braves’ choke job.  At any rate, here is how I see the NLDS shaping out…

Philadelphia Phillies vs. St. Louis Cardinals.  The Phillies are on a crazy roll, and it looks like that will roll through the NLDS.  I mean, sure the Cardinals are gamers.  They are mentally tough, and are led by a great manager in Tony LaRussa.  And there is that Albert Pujols fella.  However, I do not see the Cardinals doing well against Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels in a short series.  And this series will be short.  Phillies in 3.

Milwaukee Brewers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks.  This is the red-headed step child of all the series.  I mean, who outside of Wisconsin and Arizona will give two damns about this series?  Both of these squads had amazing years.  Arizona’s pitching is underrated, led by Ian Kennedy, while the Brewers can hit the hell out of the ball.  Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun will be tough to stop.  Don’t forget about that wacky-ass Nyjer Morgan, a.k.a “T Plush”.  It will be a good series, it’s just that no one (including yours truly) will not be watching.  Brewers in 5.


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