Deep Thoughts on NFL’s Week 2

The Pittsburgh Steelers manned up in a big way.  Nice to see my beloved Steelers bounce back from such a horrific ass-kicking in Week 1 with a shutout of the Seattle Seahawks Sunday.  I mean, sure the Seahawks are lowly, and may win no more than two games this season.  However, the Steelers needed to respond after being humiliated by the hated Baltimore Ravens.  And what a better way to respond than to shut out and spank an inferior opponent at home the following week.

Coach Mike Tomlin was able to motivate his guys to wake up and realize that the preseason is over.  Hell, they played like it was against the Ravens: seven turnovers, allowed over 150 yards rushing.  Against the Seahawks the offense was crisper (no turnovers, and out-gaining Seattle 421-162) better execution on defense (five sacks).  Sure Pittsburgh still has pressing issues: a so-so offensive line, issues in the secondary.  And two weeks do not define a season.  I’m just glad my Steelers manned up…

The Kansas City Chiefs are the worst team in the NFL.  How horrific have the Chiefs looked this season?  Well, they lost their first two games by a combined 89-10!  As if losing their defensive stud Eric Berry for the season last week, the Chiefs lost stud RB Jamaal Charles for the rest of the year on a freak accident.

It just doesn’t start with injured personnel.  QB Matt Cassel sucks.  He tossed three interceptions and ZERO touchdowns last week against Detroit.  The defense gave up 411 yards to the Lions.  Coach Todd Haley looks more insecure and angry by the minute.  In short, this is just not a good team.  It’s one thing coming back to reality playing a 1st place schedule.  It’s another to totally suck altogether…

The Chiefs have some company in the Andrew Luck draft sweepstakes: the Colts and Seahawks.  To pour more salt in the wound, the Chiefs have two other terrible squads participating in the race to Andrew Luck.  The Colts have proved that they are a 3-win team without Peyton Manning at the helm.  I mean, the way they lost to the Cleveland Browns AT HOME was disturbing (and funny).  I could play QB for the Seahawks and be an instant upgrade over Tavaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst.  Just what in the hell was coach Pete Carroll thinking in not resigning Matt Hasselback?  Definitely the Titans’ gain…

The Baltimore Ravens were not who we thought they were.  Talk about a total letdown.  Fresh off a beatdown of my beloved Steelers in Week 1, everyone crowned the Ravens as the AFC’s and, as some had, the NFL’s best.  Little did they know that they play 15 more games this season.  You can’t sleepwalk during the NFL regular season.  Anyone can be beat on any week.

The Ravens will be fine.  It’s just that they are not as good as people make them out to be…

Donovan McNabb is done.  I really hated typing that.  I’ve been a huge McNabb fan since he got booed in the draft by Philly fans in 1998.  But let’s be real about something: the brother just ain’t good anymore.  Before throwing for only 228 yards against Tampa Bay last Sunday, he only threw for 39 yards (!) against the Chargers.

Look, I really, REALLY want McNabb to do well because he’s been through a lot.  He got a raw deal in Washington last season (the Skins have really turned it around thus far).  He suffered “black on black crime”-abuse from Terrell Owens in Philly, and got called out erroneously by Rush Limbaugh.

I just think the McNabb’s time has passed, and that’s unfortunate…

The Detroit Lions are badasses.  I’ve said on many occasions that I was drinking the Lions Kool-Aid.  Now I am drunk as hell in it.  What a way to follow up an impressive road win in Tampa!  A 48-3 violation of the sorry-ass Chiefs classifies as an impressive follow up.  This is a good sign because the good teams win games they are supposed to win.  It was even sweeter that the Lions ran up the score on K.C.

Keep it up fellas!  Make me proud for believing in you!!!

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  1. A couple of things….

    1) The Chiefs, by far, aren’t the worst team in the NFL. That would be the Seahawks…they are terrible-er.

    2) McNabb ain’t done, but I do think that he could’ve used Sidney Rice. Ever since his accuracy began to fade, a big target makes life a little easier for #5. T.O. was the beginning of that, but he could’ve used Rice in a nice way now.

    3) Yep, the Lions are dope. Wait until they get Fairley back tho……

  2. Dude — what about my beloved Bills? After last year’s stinkfest they might be on the path to not sucking. Surely that rates a mention!!!

    • Hey, I am hyped about your Bills. You guys got a franchise QB in Fitzpatrick. Your Bills are exciting and fun to watch.

      A lot of eyes will be on this weekend’s Patriots-Bills game in Orchard Park…

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