New Kickoff Rule Sucks

The more preseason games I see, the more I hate that stupid new kickoff rule.  Not only is it a stupid rule, it’s a stupid-ass rule.

The NFL moved the kickoff from the 30-yard line to the 35, citing player safety concerns.  You should have heard the sarcasm coming from FOX Sports’ Joe Buck when there was touchback after touchback in the Eagles-Steelers game last night.

“Another EXCITING return by Antonio Brown…”

Why must the NFL mess with its product with these stupid-ass rule changes?  Since when did the game I love the most turn into powder-puff football?  Why try to legislate the hitting out of football – and a professional league at that?

Look, I understand trying to protect players from themselves in order to prevent serious injuries (head trauma, paralysis), but this has gone too far.

Players know what they sign up for when they play football.  Hell, a lot of them has played football since Pop Warner.  And they sure as hell know what to expect upon entering the NFL.

No hitting in certain spots on the quarterbacks?  Since when the hell did QBs have a strike zone?

No leading with the head when making a tackle?  That’s why the players have helmets – to protect their heads!

No hitting a defenseless player when defending a pass play?  Why not let them know when a safety or linebacker is coming so receivers can brace for impact?

Finally, let’s get rid of the most exciting play in football by moving kickoffs to the 35-yard line.  After all, no kickoff returns mean no injuries.

Add those things to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s wish to extend the regular season to 18 games and we have the ultimate case of hypocrisy.

I never thought I’d say this, but looks like I have to look towards college football to see how football is meant to be played…

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  1. Reasons I like the kickoff at the 30:
    1. Josh Cribbs and other dinky returners that crossover to play football no longer have a home in the NFL…UNLESS they have real talent and can play receiver…
    2. Kickers are selected more for their kicking ability not their kickoff ability..this is probably just a Cowboy issue
    3. The TD on a kickoff happening almost every weekend takes away from the accomplishments of the real football players that play 40+ downs or more a game…ie Josh Cribbs 8TD on kickoffs vs. 5TDs receiving/rushing …that’s over the last 5 years!! I’m pretty sure at least one player will have more TDs than that just in the preseason this year.

    Josh Cribbs is a whiny bitch and needs to go away…bring back the kickoff at the 35 when Cribbs is out of the game! THE END

  2. I’m still waking up …. “at the 30” should read “at the 35” and “at the 35” should read “at the 30”

  3. Klownboy – Have you seen some of these old school players with canes, walkers, dealing with artifical knees, hips, joints? Many have memory loss and dementia from head trauma. People criticized your boy Franco for ducking out of bounds and praised Earl Campbell for taking the big hits and fighting for an extra yard or two. Look at both of them now and it’s easy to see who made the right decision for his well being.

    The NFL has to show that they are taking steps to make the game safer for its labor force. They have to protect themselves from litigation. If the same percentage of coal miners or construction workers had these devastating injuries, those industries would be under congressional investigation.

    That being said, I agree that kickoffs are an exciting part of the game and there should be a way to make the kick return play safer. If you’re going to have 80% touchbacks anyway, might as well just start teams at the 20 or 25 and not waste everybody’s time.

    • Hey Alex,

      You made good points on Franco and Earl Campbell. My dad said that people – especially NFL great Jim Brown – clowned Franco for stepping out of bounds. They praised not only Campbell but also Walter Payton for not ducking out of bounds and getting those extra yards. Obviously Franco is in much better physical shape than Campbell these days.

      All I am saying is NFLers know what they signed up for when they decided they wanted to play this game for a living. Offensive and defensive players alike have taken their fair share of big hits and collisions throughout their careers. Simply put, it’s not for the faint of heart.

      As for your touchback idea, if we don’t watch it the NFL will eliminate kickoffs altogether. Wouldn’t shock me one bit…

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