All-Time Worst Sports Personalities

I happened upon ESPN’s “First and 10” podcast this morning, and I could not help but wonder why in the hell Skip “Brainless” (Bayless) still has a job.

From saying that Michael Vick was not sure of the Eagles’ chances after responding to Cowboys’ defensive coordinator Rob Ryan’s smack, to thinking that caddie Stevie Williams had as much to do with golfer Adam Scott’s win (dude, he’s just a caddie!), Bayless just makes my brain hurt.  His biased hatred of LeBron James and slurping of Brett Favre are just too much.

I am so inspired by the Brainless One himself, I’ve come up with a list of the all-time worst sports personalities – at least in recent memory.  Heeeeeere we go…

  1. Skip “Brainless” Bayless: self-explanatory, just a complete moron
  2. Jay Marriotti: he’s such a snarky douche bag
  3. Peter Vescey: ANOTHER snarky douche bag
  4. John Madden: his Brett Favre fetish and other ramblings were just too much
  5. Bill Walton: hearing him talk makes my ears bleed
  6. Dick Enberg: his John Elway fetish and “Ohhhh my”s drove me nuts
  7. Rick Reilly: he just really annoys me
  8. Stephen (“Screaming”) A. Smith: he’s a funny brother, but I wish he’d stop yelling at me!
  9. Pat Summerall: he sounded like he was on the sauce during broadcasts
  10. The Two Live Stews: say hello to the black Abbott and Costello

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  1. As for your comment on The 2 Live Stews, those dudes are knowledgeable and one actually played with Barry Sanders…. Abbot and Costello? I think not…

    • I dunno dude. When I see those cats on ESPN’s First and Ten, I think of a comedy duo. One acts the straight man while the other one hollers a la “Screaming” A. Smith. Perhaps I was a bit harsh when I called them “Abbott and Costello”.

      Maybe “Sanford and Son” instead…

  2. Klownboy, I gotta defend the Stews too. They were on the radio here in Atlanta for years. Those dudes were great. Best episode is when they got into an actual physical fight with each other on the air. GREAT stuff! Also, John Madden should have been number 1. That idiot was so dumb he lowered my GPA at college just listening to him.

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