Randy Moss: the Best that Never Was

Randy Moss announced his retirement yesterday (which I am not buying for one minute).

If he really is retired (again, I do not believe him), then he will go down as perhaps the greatest deep threat the game has ever seen.  However, Moss should have been the greatest of all time, but underachieved.

After all, it was Moss who famously said “I’ll play when I want to play”.  He also once left the field two minutes before halftime in a game against the Redskins.  And worst of all, he dogged it during his time as an Oakland Raider.  If he even tried in Oakland, he would have a lot more catches on his resume.

Don’t get me wrong, Moss is still a Hall-of-Famer.  Check out his stats to boot:

  • 954 receptions (10th all-time)
  • 14,858 yards (6th all-time)
  • 153 TD receptions (2nd all-time)
  • 7× Pro Bowl selection (1998, 1999, 2000, 2002,2003, 2007, 2009)
  • 5× All-Pro selection (1998, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007)
  • Most touchdown receptions in a season – 23 (2007)
  • AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year (1998)
  • Most touchdown receptions by a rookie in a season – 17 (1998)

Moss amassed those stats while “playing when he wants to play”.  Just imagine if he had the desire of a Hines Ward, Terrell Owens, Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, or even a Wes Welker.  I just think that Moss should have been much, MUCH better given his talent.

As a player you want to go out having left it all on the field.  Moss didn’t even leave half of it.

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  1. Don’t mention the Raiders. I still remember Kerry Collins telling reporters that if Moss is double covered he’s not going to throw it to him (i.e., not going to force it). Ask Brady about taking chances with double coverage on his way to 50 tds. Ask Culpepper. Ask Favre. Ask Cunningham. Ask Vince You.. – you know, nevermind, don’t ask Vince Young. He was just as inept as Collins. Collins probably taught him not to throw it to Moss.

    • Hmmm, maybe that’s why Moss dogged it in Oakland? Hell, if I had a terrible QB like Collins (he’s STILL hated down here in Carolina Panther country), I’d dog it too…

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