Orton a Better Fit than Kolb for Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals gave up the farm (a second-round pick and stud CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie) to acquire QB Kevin Kolb from the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday.  While I understand why the Cards had to pull the trigger, there was a much cheaper alternative out there.

Denver Broncos QB Kyle Orton everyone!

Seriously, Orton would have been a better fit for the Cardinals for a variety of reasons.  First of all, he would have come at a cheaper price.  The Cardinals not only would not have to give up a high draft pick, it would have kept one of their defensive studs.  As the Eagles have taught us, one cannot have enough good defensive backs – let alone Pro Bowlers.

The second, and perhaps the most important reason, is because Orton is a more proven commodity than Kolb.  Keep in mind the Cardinals gave a five-year contract worth $64 million (with $21 million guaranteed) to a guy who has started a grand total of seven games.  Kolb’s record was 3-4 in those games.  Meanwhile, check out Orton’s stats:

  • Passed for 3,653 yards last season
  • Threw 20 touchdown passes against 9 interceptions
  • Started 62 games in his career

Look, Kolb might be the next Matt Schaub for all I know.  However, for every Schaub is an Elvis Grbac and worst of all, Scott Mitchell.

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  1. Klown,

    How DARE you impugn the good name of Scott Mitchell?!?! But you are right about one thing, Kolb got a PILE of money for doing nothing. He’s completed slightly more NFL passes than ME and most guys could have reproduced his results given his weapons. Luckily he can throw to Fitzgerald who may bail him out a bit.

    I can see the trade, but the contract I can’t justify.

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