The NFL’s Top 100 List Is Beyond Crappy

The NFL may still be in the midst of a lockout, but that won’t stop me from griping over that NFL’s top 100 list.  In case you do not know all 100, you can find the list here.

I’ll list the top 10 here:

  1. Tom Brady
  2. Peyton Manning
  3. Adrian Peterson
  4. Ray Lewis
  5. Ed Reed
  6. Troy Polamalu
  7. Andre Johnson
  8. Darrelle Revis
  9. Drew Brees
  10. Julius Peppers

Now I think there are several things wrong with the top 10 list and the list in its entirety.  Let us count the ways…

Having Peppers ranked in the top ten is a (clucking) joke.  So let’s see, the players ranked this one-trick pony who takes plays off ahead of Aaron Rodgers?  Really?

Ray Lewis’ ranking is more like an achievement award.  Look, I respect Lewis as much as the next man, but having a broken-down old dude in the top 4 is ridiculous.  Hell, he’s not even the best defender on his own squad.

Aaron Rodgers being left out of the top 10 is a travesty.  Let’s see, you have a player in Rodgers who carried his team to a Super Bowl championship last season ranked behind a one-trick pony in Peppers and out of the top 10 altogether.  Mm-kay…

Ben Roethlisberger being left out of the top 10 is a bigger travesty.  I cannot believe that not only a two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback is left outside the top 10, but he was not even in the top 20 or 25.  In fact, he was ranked 40th!  40th?!  Are you kidding me?  Do players hate this guy or what?

Steven Jackson’s ranking is waaaay too high.  Jackson is a stud, but is not the player he used to be.  Sam Bradford is making the move in becoming the best player on the Rams.

Bottom line, the players were too damn biased in voting the top 100.  Allow me to have a more objective.  In fact, I’ve got a top 25 list for you.  To quote the great Slick Rick, “heeeere we go…”

  1. Tom Brady
  2. Peyton Manning
  3. Troy Polamalu
  4. Ben Roethlisberger
  5. Darrelle Revis
  6. Aaron Rodgers
  7. Drew Brees
  8. Nnamdi Asomugha
  9. Ed Reed
  10. Chris Johnson
  11. Andre Johnson
  12. Haloti Ngata
  13. DeMarcus Ware
  14. Michael Vick
  15. Ray Lewis
  16. Maurice Jones-Drew
  17. Phillip Rivers
  18. Clay Matthews
  19. Larry Fitzgerald
  20. Julius Peppers
  21. Dwight Freeney
  22. Calvin Johnson
  23. Reggie Wayne
  24. Patrick Willis
  25. Terrell Suggs
Let the hate begin…

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  1. Umm is my dyslexia kicking in or did you just not include APAD on your list?

  2. AP fumbled one time in 2010, and recovered it. This list was based on 2010 performance going onto 2011… AP, is much better than N. Ass (cb oakland), and belongs on that list. At least hardly anyone is reading your blogs.

    • Ahh, I love the hate emanating from the readers. I expected more of this kind of feedback from readers, especially since this is a subjective list. While I think my omission of AP may be blunder-worthy, I never been all that impressed with the guy. Sure he’ll truck people, out-run you if you give him a crack. I just just can’t get his fumbling pre-2010 out of my dome.

      Maybe I need therapy…

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