Most Hated Owners in Sports

Due to the success of my past lists of NBA all-time greats – and due to the NFL and NBA lockouts – I will begin a long series of different lists of who is the best/sucks in all of sports.

Today this rant focuses on the worst owners in all of sports.  So to quote the immortal Slick Rick, “heeeere we go”…

  1. Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers
  2. Frank McCourt, owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers
  3. Mike Brown, owner of the Cincinnati Bengals
  4. William Clay Ford, owner of the Detroit Lions
  5. Al Davis, owner of the Oakland Raiders
  6. James Dolan, owner of my New York Knicks
  7. Peter Angelos, owner of the Baltimore Orioles
  8. Dan Snyder a.k.a. “Danny Boy”, owner of the Washington Redskins
  9. Charles Wang, owner of the New York Islanders
  10. Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys

Rip away, dammit!

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  1. Do you realize that you have someone on your list who;

    1. Was commish of the AFL and, not only avoided being stomped out by the NFL, but successfully negotiated a merger which kept all 10 teams intact?

    2. Won the AFL title in 1967 and took his team to the first Super Bowl?

    3. In a 9 year span from 1969 – 1977, played for the AFC Championship 7 times?

    4. Has been in 5 Super Bowls with three World Championships?

    5. Coined the phrases, “Commitment to Excellence” and “Just win, baby” which are part of NFL folklore?

    6. Discovered John Madden? (I put that in for all the videogamers out there who don’t remember the 60’s and 70’s.)

    7. Designed uniforms that are so dope that he can’t have a throwback day because they’ve never changed significantly in 50 years?

    Yes, admittedly, Al Davis has gone “round the bend” and hung on too long. But let’s not forget his tremendous accomplishments.

    He should not be lopped in with Mike Brown, Donald Sterling and others who have never won, never tried to win, and just make bank deposits.


  2. My bad. Al Davis didn’t negotiate the merger. That crazy fool wanted to remain separate. He thought the AFL would eventually be the better and more prosperous league.

    I admire the fighting spirit but, with two leagues, salaries were going through the roof. The owners of both leagues knew that creating a monopoly and screwing the players was the more profitable way to go. So the AFL owners made the deal in secret meetings behind Davis’ back and he resigned as commish.

    Give him credit for guts, though. lol


  3. Jerry Jones sucks so bad. He thinks he should be able to call the plays from his box. Seriously? …Really? Sell the team already.

    • LOL, you and most Cowboys fans I know are saying the same thing about Jones. He desperately wants to win, but he needs to fire himself as GM and hire one that is credible…

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