The Winnipeg Jets Are Back – FINALLY…

The team formerly known as the Atlanta Thrashers announced at the NHL Draft that they will be known as the Winnipeg Jets.  The NHL is finally back in Winnipeg where it belongs.

Talk about righting a wrong.

I know what you all are thinking: why in the hell do you care so much negro?  Whelp, I’ll tell you.

I remember when the original Jets moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1996.  I didn’t understand how the move was devastating to the folks in Manitoba until I spoke with a couple of good friends of mine in college.  Both ladies grew up in Manitoba and were enraged and saddened by the move.  On a scale from 1 (indifferent) to 10 (very pissed), I’d say they were a “15”.

Couple with all these hockey teams in the Sun Belt region (hockey in Nashville?  Really?), I just thought that Canada was getting a raw deal from the NHL.  I could sort of understand the Quebec Nordiques moving to Denver to become the Colorado Avalanche back in the day.

But leaving Winnipeg for Phoenix?  Again I say, really?  How is that working out Gary Bettman?

Well, at least Winnipeg has its Jets back.  My two college buddies are smiling their asses off as I type…

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