No Sympathy for Tiki Barber

I am already getting tired of Tiki Barber.


In an attempt to explain his desire to return to the NFL, Barber said football represents a necessary anchor in a life turned upside down by depression.  He said the depression came from a divorce and disintegration of his television career.

First of all, I do not have any sympathy for Barber.

Barber did this to himself and has no one else to blame for his missteps.  No one made him leave his pregnant wife for a 25-year-old NBC intern.  No one made him announce his intentions to retire in the middle of the 2006 NFL season, which caused a HUGE distraction for the New York Giants.  No one made him question Eli Manning’s leadership abilities in the media THE YEAR AFTER HE RETIRED.  No one made him issue that stupid “Anne Frank” remark.

This is not to poo-poo depression.  Depression is quite serious and is to be taken as such.  I’ve been there and would not wish that on anybody.

I just believe the saying “you reap what you sew”.  Barber needs to man up, own what he did, and keep it moving.

Memo to Barber: keep your mouth shut, and continue to work towards a return to the NFL.  And PLEASE, for the love of God, stay away from my Steelers…

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