An Extremely Late 2011 NBA Conference Championship Preview


Yeah, yeah I know – I’m late.

That means I have a life, so sue me lol!

At any rate, here is how I see things shaping out, even though Game 1 in both series have transpired (again, sue me)…

Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls.  Yeah I saw that ass whooping the Bulls put on the Heat Sunday night.  I also saw the awesome facial Taj Gibson put on Dwyane Wade.  I still think the Heat can win this in six.  As long as Miami coach Erik Spoelstra makes the adjustments so that Wade will not have to chase MVP Derrick Rose around all game.  Simply put, the Heat have three stars (Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh) to Chicago’s one (Rose).  The more stars a team has, the higher the chances of it winning a playoff series.  I don’t see this one-man band called Chicago (no pun intended) advancing past a VERY talented Heat team.

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Dallas Mavericks.  Yes, Dallas took a 2×4 to the Thunder’s head in Game 1.  And the Mavs needed all of Dirk Nowitzki’s 48 points in doing so.  Before the series began I had the Thunder in six, and I am sticking with that.  As with the Heat-Bulls series, the Thunder has two stars in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook (possibly three with James Harden) to the Mavs’ one (Nowitzki).  Normally the more star power one team has, the higher the likelihood of it winning a playoff series.  The only thing that may stop the Thunder is Westbrook’s ego.  Westbrook simply cannot take more shots than Durant if the OKC plans on advancing to the NBA Finals.


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