Bring Hockey Back to Winnipeg!

The Winnipeg Jets may be coming to a hockey arena near you!

Word on the street is the Atlanta Thrashers of the NHL is looking to move to Winnipeg, possibly as early as next season.  If that is true, then not only good for Winnipeg, but good for hockey.

First of all, who in the hell thought it was a good idea to place a hockey franchise in Atlanta?  This is the same Atlanta who lost the Flames to Calgary in 1980 when it was very competitive.  After all, if hockey didn’t work down here before why would it work now?

This is also the same Atlanta who is probably the worst sports city in the country.  Anyone check out the attendance at Braves and Hawks games the last few years?  I know the Hawks sucked in the past, but not only have they been playoff-bound the last few seasons, the Hawks have a young nucleus in place that would post around 50+ wins the next few seasons.  Even in their most competitive years, the Braves still do not draw capacity crowds.

But I digress…

It’s time for the NHL to correct two wrongs at the same time: get hockey the hell out of Atlanta and give back Winnipeg’s spot in the NHL.

Having almost the same number of hockey teams in the Deep South (Atlanta, Miami, Tampa, Nashville and Raleigh) as in Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver) is just flat-out wrong.

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