2011 Final Four Preview

Well, well, well…

It comes down to Kentucky, Butler, UConn and VCU.  A 4-seed, 8-seed, 3-seed and 11-seed respectively.  This is a fitting end to what has been one of the most unpredictable tournaments in recent memory.

Let’s break this down by match-ups, shall we?

Kentucky vs. UConn. This might be the de facto national championship game.  Both teams are led by young studs Brandon Knight (Kentucky) and Kemba Walker (UConn).  This is where the similarities end.  Kentucky is just far more talented than UConn.  And while I kept saying that UConn is eventually going to run out of gas and not reach the Final Four, UConn is going to run out of gas and lose IN THE FINAL FOUR.  Look for Kentucky coach John Calipari to come out with a “Box and 1” defensive scheme to neutralize Walker and make the other Huskies beat him.

Butler vs. VCU. I like this match-up because it guarantees a spot for an underdog in the final game.  While this is the under-card of the Final Four, I do expect this to be a hotly-contested game.  These are two fundamentally sound and well-coached teams that are a clash of contrasts.  VCU likes to press and get up and down the floor while Butler likes to slow it down and pound the rock.  That said, experience will help out Butler and VCU’s run will FINALLY come to an end.

National Champion: Kentucky.

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