NFL Lockout not Necessarily a Bad Thing…


“Are you kidding me?”

“You are a f—– moron…”

I imagine those statements – and others with more colorful language – have popped up upon reading the title of this rant.

I don’t think things will be all that bad.  In fact, I think it will be a good thing in the long run.

Keep in mind that the NFL Players Association decertified before yesterday’s deadline.  That means the players can (and had) file an antitrust suit against the NFL.

In return, the NFL locked out its players.

So again Klownboy, what about this makes it a good thing?

The answer is two-fold.

First, we may get a chance to see how each owner spends his money.  Keep in mind the owners have been crying poverty up to this point, citing reasons why they want an extra $1 billion off the top.  While there have been owners who privately financed new stadiums (Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Giants co-owners Mara/Tisch and Jets owner Woody Johnson), there are some that had sweetheart deals in their stadiums (Bengals owner Mike Brown comes to mind).

Don’t you want to see how cheap-ass Mike Brown spends his money?  Don’t you want to see Jerry Jones, Patriots owner Bob Craft call out Brown for being so miserly and wonder aloud why in the hell they are sharing revenues with that fool?

Don’t you want to see other NFL owners look silly when it becomes apparent that they ALL are profitable and their extra $1 billion demands are greed at its worse?

Second, this is a chance for us fans to FINALLY flex our financial muscles.  We need to take a stand by doing things such as, oh I dunno, not purchase season ticket packages for the upcoming season.  The owners will feel that pinch almost immediately – especially those who have more than a modest investment in their stadiums.  The owners have to find a way to pay off those loans/bonds, right?

In the end, both sides (owners and players) are to blame – more so the owners.  But, as in every sports labor conflict, the only true losers are we the fans…

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