Et Tu Coach Tressel?

With the news of Ohio State coach Jim Tressel, a.k.a. “the Sweater Vest”, getting popped two games by the school for not coming forward when he found out several of his players were violating NCAA rules regarding improper benefits, I have concluded the following…

  1. No college coach does things the “right way”.
  2. Winning is indeed the ONLY thing.

I mean let’s face it, college football (and basketball) coaches in major programs are hired to do two things: win games and championships.  After all, more wins = more $$$ to go around for schools and their respective conferences.

Why else didn’t Tressel come forward when he found out that some of his players, including star QB Terrelle Pryor, were caught up in a federal drug trafficking case and the sale of memorabilia?  I mean, drug trafficking is ONLY a federal offense right?  Who cares as no one knows?

All for the sake of winning games.

The NCAA may not be done with this.  It is still investigating and could reject Ohio State’s self-imposed penalties and add more sanctions.  After all, the NCAA does not like to be lied to – even if it is in the form of withholding acts of wrong-doing.

The sad thing is I thought Tressel was above this.  Even after he did get popped at Youngstown State way back when, it appeared that he went about his business the right way with integrity in tow.

Well, I guess not.  As the saying goes in college football, if you are not cheating, you’re not trying…

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