Vick Dissing Oprah Was a Good Move

Now don’t get it twisted.

I don’t mean that Michael Vick (or anyone for that matter) should just outright diss Oprah Winfrey just for the hell of it.  I’m saying that if he followed through with his promise to appear on Oprah, it would be a win (Oprah’s ratings)-lose (Vick) scenario.

First of all, Oprah is an avid dog-lover.  He speaks of her pet as her “daughter”.  You know Oprah would have assailed Vick with questions over his past dog-fighting.  Can’t you just picture Oprah cocked back in her chair, sizing Vick up with an “oh no you didn’t” look on her face?

She’s done it to men who appeared on her show anyway.  I digress…

If Oprah calling Vick out wouldn’t be embarrassing enough, imagine dog owners in the audience getting involved.  We all know that Oprah would have set up a mike in the audience, and allow dog-owners to come up one by one and assail Vick.  Some of dog owners would be people who adopted some of Vick’s doggie victims.

In short, it would have made Vick look bad and Oprah (and her ratings) look good.

People tend to forget that Vick spent almost two years in prison, losing tens of millions of dollars in the process.  His reputation, while not in complete tatters, is still a bit radioactive in some quarters.  He also essentially played the past two years for free because he had to pay off his creditors and lawyer fees.

I only wish people would be this emotional over HUMAN abuse/killings like they are over DOG abuse/killings.

In the meantime, Vick should stay down and continue to rehabilitate himself off the field.

Keep it moving bruh…

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