How I Would Change the NASCAR Scoring System

A lot of hoopla has been made concerning NASCAR’s points system.

Here are the announced scoring changes:

  • Drivers will be awarded 43 points for first place, 42 for second place and one point less for every following position down to last place.
  • The winner will receive three bonus points.
  • One bonus point will be awarded for leading a lap, as well as for leading the most laps.
  • The winner would receive a minimum of 47 points and a maximum of 48. Second would receive a minimum of 42 points and a maximum of 44.

(You can read more about them here:

While I laud NASCAR for attempting to add a bit of common sense to its scoring system, which is a step up from what it was before (, it still seems a bit convoluted.  What is the rationale of having bonus points?  I mean, so what if a driver led a lap or two.  Isn’t that what a driver is paid to do?

Here is how I would change the scoring system:

  • I would award 300 points to the winner, followed by 200 for second place and 100 points for third.
  • In an act of mercy, I would award 50 points to whomever finishes 4th, then give the subsequent drivers one less point.
  • There would be NO BONUS POINTS for leading laps or who led the most laps — in fact, no bonus points PERIOD.

This scoring system would heavily favor the winners, as ANY point system should.  That way, there would not be any controversy of Matt Kenseth winning the Sprint Cup in a year where he WON ONE RACE.

Oh, one more thing: change the “Chase for the Cup” from the top 12 to the top 10 drivers.  Make your playoffs meaningful NASCAR!!!

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