Man, Was I Wrong About the Eagles

There was a reason why I didn’t write a Super Bowl preview for this blog last week.

I didn’t think the Philadelphia Eagles had a chance in hell in Super Bowl LII. I thought that QB Nick Foles will turn into the backup pumpkin he was when he realized he was facing the GOAT in Tom Brady. I also thought that coach Bill Belichik could EASILY stymy Foles and coaching rings around Doug Peterson in the process. In short, I thought this was going to be an ass-whipping of epic proportions, so why even bother previewing the game, right?

WRONG. VERY wrong.

Foles and the Eagles’ offense did what it wanted against Belichick’s defense from start to finish, amassing over 500 yards of total offense (!). And while the Eagles’ defense didn’t do much to slow Brady down, it did step up and stopped the patriots when it counted late in the game.

And as for Doug Peterson, what can you say. Dude aggressively coached from opening kickoff until the end. He went 2-2 on fourth down (again, “!”) including a big one when they were on their OWN SIDE OF THE FIELD.

(And for some reason I forgot about Foles taking home the Super Bowl MVP honors.)

Philly fan, I owe your team a HUGE apology. I apologize for being so dismissive of your squad’s chances on my podcast last week. I apologize for not caring enough to write a damn preview last week.

My bad. And I must say, this Steeler fan is happy as hell about it.

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