2015 Last NFL Weekend Preview

NFL-LogoAs I compose this preview for the last week of the 2015 NFL regular season (sniff!), let us take the time to light a candle in remembrance of such an exciting season.

Now with THAT is out of the way…

Game of the Week

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers.  This game is for all the marbles in the NFC North.  Winner wins the division, loser gets the 5th or 6th seed.  As much as I would love for the Vikings to pull off the upset, but I do not see Aaron “A-a-Ron” Rodgers and the Packers wetting the bed at home.

This will be more competitive than their first matchup, but I do  not see Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson pulling the upset at Lambeau Field….  Packers 24, Vikings 19.

The “Let’s Get the Season Over with” Games of the Week

Bears over Lions
Falcons over Saints
Giants over Eagles
Rams over 49ers

None of those games have either playoff teams nor playoff implications.  I suppose fans of those squads will tune in since it is the last week of the season…

Sunday’s Games

Steelers over Browns (too little, too late for my squad because…)
Jets over Bills (New York will get the last playoff spot)
Bengals over Ravens
Patriots over Dolphins (the “Cheetahs” will have home-field in the AFC)
Panthers over Bucs (as Carolina will have home-field in the NFC)
Texans over Jaguars (Houston takes the AFC South)
Colts over Titans
Washington over Cowboys
Chiefs over Raiders
Broncos over Chargers
Cardinals over Seahawks

Record two weeks ago*: 14-2 (WHOO-HOO!!!  Hell to the yeah…)
Year to date: 146-764 (Not bad, but I need to do a bit better.  I’m still good tho…)
*-I was out of the country a week ago, so I made ZERO picks for Week 16’s games (damn, I miss Costa Rica…)

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