#DeflateGate Proved to Be a Waste of Time

NFLIt’s time to mark this day in history.

Not because a commissioner of the most popular sports league in America had his ass handed to him and was put in his rightful place.  Not because a player courageously took on and eventually took down the big, bad bully thus setting a legal precedent where players have a way to escape the commish’s punishments.

It’s because I am happy that a player from the New England Patriots named Tom Brady was the one who defeated NFL commissioner/warden/playa hater/dumbass Roger Goodevil.

For those of you who do not know, I hate the Patriots.  In recent years I’ve hated them as much as the Cowboys, which I never thought would be possible.  And I REALLY hate Brady (and his cheating ass coach Bill Bellicheat).

However, I also pride myself on being fair.  This #DeflateGate bullshit had no damn business being newsworthy today.  Goodevil should have handled it with a fine and kept it moving.

Instead, Goodevil had to flex his muscles and try to bully Brady over something that required no more than a substantial fine.  I really can’t blame Goodevil for doing so since the NFLPA inexplicably gave him all that power!

Instead, Judge Richard Berman’s ruling against Goodevil and the NFL has potentially all but striped the commish of ALL his power.  Berman based his ruling on one basic axiom: common sense.

There was no smoking gun that linked Brady to any deflating of footballs.  Hell, even the infamous Wells Report did not produce a smoking gun.  All Goodevil did was use his bully pulpit to make an example out of Brady to please the other owners – and perhaps most of the players.

Instead Goodevil has egg on his face because a judge did not kowtow to his wishes based on innuendo and suspension alone.

Goodevil did not budge in a settlement with Brady, even though Brady offered to be suspended for a game instead of four.  And when Judge Berman, the ultimate “settlement judge”, could not get Goodevil to offer ANY settlement with Brady, he ruled against him.

And make no mistake, Goodevil’s ultimate power was crushed.  This was also a huge victory not only for Brady, but for the players.

Now players do not have to sit and take any guff or punishment from Goodevil.  They could easily take any punishment handed down from the league to the courts to get the justice they feel they deserve.

Pandora’s box is now WAY the hell opened…

(What a helluva topic to choose for my 800th blog rant!)

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