The Cavs Are a Hot Mess

cleveland_cavaliers_logo-1024x768The Cleveland Cavaliers fired coach Mike Brown yesterday.  This is the second time the team fired Brown since 2011.  And it was only after ONE season.

The Cavs are a damn mess.

Let’s take a look at what Cleveland did during the draft.  The Cavs used the overall number one pick on Anthony Bennett, who was not even in the starting lineup at season’s end.  Oh, and he averaged a robust 4.2 points per game to go along with a stellar 3.0 rebounds per game.

The Cavs’ roster is nothing more than a ragtag bunch of misfits looking to get paid and pad stats.  Kyrie Irving is a stud, but he is not a superstar.  He and Dion Waiters are like oil and water.  It’s too bad because both brothers are talented and have star potential.  Luol Deng probably wishes he was teleported to a world that is far, far away.

And then there is Brown.  He had four years remaining on his $20 million contract.  And again, he was fired after ONE SEASON (albeit with a 33-49 record).

I could go on, but it’s no use.  The Cavs – like the NFL’s Browns – are a lost cause.

This makes me laugh at owner Dan “The Other Danny Boy” Gilbert even more.

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