Vick’s Comeback Story Comes Full Circle

Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles agreed to a 6-year, $100 million a few days ago.  A lot of people are going to argue whether he deserves a dime of said contract.

I am not here to argue over whether anyone deserves anything, let alone $100 million.  I will argue that Vick deserved the second chance.

We all know that America is the land of second chances.  If you are a professional athlete, then you will be afforded a second and sometimes third chances.

Vick made the most of his second chance by being a better teammate and a better student of the game.  He worked hard to improve his pocket presence last season, and it showed (see the Monday night game vs. the Redskins).  He did not pop off when he was slapped with the “franchise” tag – albeit at $16 million for one season.

Good for Vick.

I know a lot of dog lovers out there are crying foul, all while sitting in sackcloth and ashes.  I’d like to say two things to those people:

1) I understand where you’re coming from and…

2) get over yourselves

What more can you do to punish a guy?

The young brother did his time in jail (almost two years).  Vick lost pretty much everything.  He declared bankruptcy and owes his creditors over $16 million.  His reputation was in tatters, becoming public enemy #1 for pet owners everywhere.  He had to start from scratch as the 3rd-string QB during his first year in Philly.  He literally had to work his way back to the top.

Let’s give Vick credit for keep his nose to the ground and working his way back to the top.

I will say the biggest test will be how he will react now that he has millions of dollars in his bank account.  For now, let’s celebrate this for what it is: an awesome comeback story.

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