Miami’s Season Was not a Failure

Sure the Miami Heat lost to the Dallas Mavericks.

The Mavs were the better team, and there is no shame in Miami losing to them.

I also think we should chill on the “Miami’s 2010-2011 season was a failure” bull(spit).

First of all, how many NBA experts had the Heat making it to the NBA Finals?  Remember most of the sports world thought the Boston Celtics were the team to beat in the Eastern Conference (and would have been if they didn’t trade Kendrick Perkins).  Hell, my dumb ass picked the Orlando Magic to come out of the East before the season began (what in the hell was I thinking with that one)!

We all thought that it would take a year for the Heat to gel, and expected them to start making title runs NEXT YEAR.  As far as I am concerned, the Heat were a year ahead of schedule.  Miami making the Finals this year was a success in of itself.

Now, in analyzing the Finals, Miami probably underachieved a bit.  Let’s be honest here, the Heat should have won the first three games of the series.  In Game 2, they fell asleep after leading by 15 with seven minutes and change left to go in the game.

Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh played well enough to win the series.  They will be back and contend for more rings.  Miami just needs to add a big man and a legit point guard and it will be ok.

As for LeBron James, someone needs to get Dr. Phil on the phone because I do not know where that negro’s head was at.

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  1. I would agree. Before the season started, the favorites were LA, Spurs, Boston and Miami. Just about all “experts” had some variation of those four teams in the Finals. Dallas was a popular pick to lose to Portland in the first round.

    Of the favorites, only Miami made the Finals.

    Yes, Dallas got their act together. We keep forgetting that the drawn out playoff format favors experienced teams because they get plenty of rest. Shawn Marion turned back the clock and did a great Caron Butler impersonation. J Terry and J Kidd put the hammer down without the Toni Braxton drama of J Jackson and J Kidd.

    Miami had a fine season. Like you said, Klown, they’re a work in progress who overachieved this year.

    But Miami deserves no sympathy. They brought the spotlight on themselves with their preseason posturing and bragging. Acting like winning multiple titles is a foregone conclusion is going to create some resentment.

    Any movie producer will tell you that a great hero is fun but a great villian sells tickets. Stern and the league are riding LeBron’s villiany all the way to the bank with tremendous ratings.

    • I am not absolving Miami of anything because, as you said, they brought this all on themselves from the pre-season WWE celebration to all the whiny comments they made throughout the year. That said, you know Commish Stern is loving the media attention to the Heat. More attention = more viewers/ratings.

      The Heat thought this would be easy, plain and simple. I know one thing, Miami will be back with a vengeance and will be scary good next season…

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