LeBron Is Officially the A-Rod of the NBA

Poor LeBron James.

He just can’t win.

No matter what he does, people will always give his ass a hard time.  Take a look at what is going on in the NBA Finals.  Dude has not done a whole hell of a lot against the Mavericks, especially in the 4th quarter.  Hell, even when he was more of a distributor in the games the Heat won, he still got criticized for not being more aggressive.

On the other hand, his partner Dwyane Wade has been lighting it up in these Finals.  Sure he has a favorable match-up (future Hall-of-Famer/relic Jason Kidd covers Wade on defense), but I bet if LeBron was putting up points like that, folks would rip him for being selfish.

Also, check out Wade clowning the Mavs’ Dirk Nowitzki for his sickness before Game 4.  Wade did not get killed for this as much as LeBron did.

This reminds me of the Derek Jeter/Alex Rodriguez dynamic on my New York Yankees.  No matter how bad Jeter is playing right now, he will always be loved in the NYC because he delivered us four championships before A-Rod arrived.  While A-Rod played a big part in winning the World Series in , he may/will never as many rings as Jeter has.  Thus A-Rod can do nothing right in the eyes of Yankees – and other baseball – fans, while Jeter is the “Teflon Don” of the two.

Bottom line: LeBron brought this on himself when he had “The Decision” last summer.  As my mother would say, “you make your bed, your ass better lie in it”.

At any rate, LeBron needs to get his (spit) together because I picked the Heat in six (now seven).  If he turtles some more, you’ll see me curse his name from the roof tops for getting my pick wrong…


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