NHL Playoffs Need More TV Exposure

Will someone please move the 2011 NHL playoffs out of the witness protection program?

What is arguably the best postseason tournament in all of professional sports is hardly seen on mainstream television these days.  Unless you have Versus and CBC, you are missing out on the NHL playoffs.

What is even more baffling is that the NHL re-upped with Versus (along with NBC).

Now what I wish NHL commissioner Gary Bettman will do is have more playoff games televised on NBC.  In fact, more NHL regular season games should be televised on NBC instead this once-in-a-blue-moon crap.

Sports fans are missing out on all those first round games decided in overtime and in Game 7s.  Game 7s and overtimes are “must see TV” in the NHL playoffs because the intensity in those games are ratcheted up by at least 100%.

It’s too bad that casual sports fans are missing out on the NHL playoffs.  It’s reason #1,001 why Bettman should be fired…

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