God Bless Rory McIlroy

Matt Slocum/AP

Your heart has to ache for Rory McIlroy.

There he was, sitting pretty moments before the last round at the Masters with a 4-stroke lead.  All he basically had to do was to keep an even keel and not take too many chances.

However, folks say that if you play not to lose, you do just that – lose.

Then came a triple-bogey on hole #10, followed by a bogey on #11.  The horror continued with a double-bogey on #12.  When he hit a drive into the creek on #13, his slumping posture said it all.

Calgon, take me away!!!

All of the madness led to an 8-over 80 for the round to fall to a tie for 15th, 10 strokes behind the eventual winner Charl Scwhartzel (now there’s a cool-ass golf name for ya).

This goes to show that golf is the ultimate form of witchcraft.  It will turn on you in a blink of an eye if you are not careful.  If it messes with the best in the world in Tiger Woods and Phil Mickleson, anyone is fair game.  Too bad it happened to a nice kid like McIlroy.

The question is can he bounce back from it?  I think this may stick with the young man for a while, especially given the WAY he lost the Masters.  I mean, if he has a lead in another major or other tournament, will that choke job at the Masters creep into his head?

I’m pulling for this kid.  I just hope I’m wrong…


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